Our People

everyone is welcome.

We denounce acts of discrimination and bias. And we support vulnerable groups in our workplaces and our communities.
We are committed to producing content that provides authentic representation of diversity in our society.


Anastasia Adani

Founder and CEO

Alex Adani

Co-Founder and COO

Ahmer Siddiqui

Managing Director

Rehannah Hussain

Director, Human Resources

Dorian Panariti

Director of Finance

We are a unique alliance of top creative talent with a proven track record of success.

Our Team.

Alex Demanin

Senior Manager
Client Services
Post Production

Ashish Deshmukh

Lead Retoucher
Post Production

Andrew Ellinas

Production Manager

Barak Falkovitz

Digital Technician

Paige Furtney

Lead Art Director

Alek Gombik

Image Editor
Post Production

Shawna Gomes


Vanessa Ariganello

Off Figure Stylist

Jinee Gordon

Account Manager
Client Services

Lana Gushchenko

Off Figure Stylist

Syed Hamza

IT Support Technician

Terry Horniak

HR Administrator
Client Services

Emily Johnpulle


Nanor Keshishian

Junior Image Editor
Post Production

Anastasiia Khvostyk

Image Editor
Post Production
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We are active and committed to helping drive systemic change and build more inclusive communities.

Our charitable and pro bono activities support local Mental Health and Cancer organizations.

Our team donates their time, energy, and money to people in need in our Ontario communities.

Join our Team.