April 7, 2022

Best Agencies are Less Fat and More Protein

Life – or the perfect ad agency – is never one-size-fits-all. It’s about finding the best fit for the goal at hand. 

Decisions are based on budget, objectives, reputation, customer service, plus a host of intangibles. Big agencies and global networks can handle bigger campaigns, usually have a strong network of support in place, and command very high price points. The flip side is that sometimes decision-making can move like a cruise ship inching into a crowded port. And communication with the departments is filtered by so many levels and suits, the original ideas can get muddled along the way. Very rarely do we see a home run. Most of the time big budget campaigns disappoint. In the end clients overpay for what they get.

Good mid-market agencies may have a smaller work force, but close the gap with speed, innovation, and flexibility. They know their agility is an advantage, and they ensure client-to-creative communication is always clearly defined and followed. Plus, their price point always has less fat and more protein. These agencies try harder, prioritise client needs first, and offer much better value overall. If you can find a reputable agency with integrated content production studios it can be worth its weight in gold. An open mind and a little homework can help you determine your best options. Of course, a conversation is even better. 

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