April 3, 2022

Ins & Outs of In-Housing.

Times change and the need for an in-house agency is growing. 

Today, in part due to social platforms, democratization of marketing and creative tools, there’s an increasing trend for larger companies to take marketing strategy, digital creative, technology, and production in-house, with the goal of improving efficiencies and speed of execution. Agency in-housing is a daunting undertaking for most companies. The challenge of navigating internal ‘silos’ is real, and sometimes underestimated. Another pitfall of any company’s ‘we-can-do-it-all’ mentality is that it ignores a hard truth: internal consensus rule does not always translate into impactful creative, or forward-thinking decisions. On the other hand, companies that outsource their entire marketing program and technology to a big agency often complain about the high costs, and a lack of transparency. It’s rare that an agency of record can deliver the same level of excellence in every aspect of their services and be lean at the same time. 

A safer, more cost-effective middle ground may be for companies to focus on the marketing strategy and in-house only those services at which they can excel. By outsourcing services, such as content production, that demand the specific expertise and additional support that they lack, they can also be more cost and time efficient. Strong relationships with a full-service production house, well-defined roles and requirements can make internal agency a success. The ‘a la carte’ approach to content creation plays to each stakeholder’s strengths, enhances the quality, and ensures everyone is happier and best suited to their roles. Partnership with a vertically integrated production house may just be the right answer. Let’s talk.

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