April 4, 2022

Time to Come Clean.

Every brand needs to confront climate change to thrive. 

If this global crisis is not addressed honestly and swiftly, today’s brands will be left behind by consumers seeking more ethical choices. Real change demands integrity, urgent action, and shifts in production and perspective. Sadly, too many brands are tempted to simply exaggerate or mislead when it comes to green practices and products. So much so, that the term ‘greenwashing’ was coined. It’s when marketing PR is used to convince the public that a company’s products or policies are more environmentally friendly than they actually are.  

Being a successful brand and responsible global citizen is a delicate balancing act. Multinationals must address supply chain issues. They must go beyond their immediate suppliers and determine who these suppliers deal with further down the chain to communicate best-practices and sustainability guidelines. Fair labour, ethical practices and even green ingredients and packaging come with higher price tags, which will result in the loss of some price-sensitive consumers. On the other hand, environmentalists and journalists work hard to expose ‘greenwashing’ by big brands, so it’s better to opt for integrity and greener supply chain. Often being incrementally greener is much better, cheaper, and faster than setting unrealistic goals or making misleading statements. Communicating your brand’s green commitment and progress to consumers in an ongoing dialogue is much easier than issuing apologies later.

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